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2022-09-02 19:17:01 By : Mr. Jack Huang

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Aging is inevitable but with proper care and skincare routine we can boost collagen in our body and delay the process of aging and hear them say “You are ageing well”. We all want that plump, shine and flawless bounce on our skin every time when we look at our face and the plentiful protein in our body, collagen, helps in maintaining the elasticity of our skin but collagen production in our body is at its high when we are young but as we move towards age, the natural capacity reduces hence, we observe sagging, fine lines and wrinkles.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Utkarsha Chawdhary, Beauty and Training expert at Boddess, suggested the following skincare tips to boost collagen:

1. Good sleep and healthy food - Before we get on any skincare routine, it is very important to focus on beauty sleep. Having a relaxed 7-hour sleep and treating your skin with Omega 3 and Vitamin C rich food will help boost collagen and as a result you will get back that glow and bounce.

2. Night care regime with retinoid and peptides - Ultimately you will need to feed your skin with good protein. Using skincare with ingredients like Retinol (Vitamin A derivative) and Peptides (chain of amino acids) will serve as building block of protein in your skin. Your night care regime should include retinol or peptide infused night cream and serum.

3. Buzz your morning with Vitamin C - Vitamin C is antioxidant which protects collagen production from pollution and UV rays. Starting your morning by slathering Vitamin C serum on your face will trigger collagen production and protect collagen protein present in your skin.

4. Apply Sunscreen - Reapply Sunscreen - Sunscreen is a must and re application is even more important. Sun rays usually are responsible for breakdown of your collagen. Protect your collagen with broad spectrum SPF 30 or more cream and reapplying with SPF spray or powder after every 3 hours.

Adding to the list of tips, Dr Geetika Mittal Gupta, Wellness Aesthetician, recommended:

1. Food - Some foods like citrus fruits has an essential role in connective tissue healing and formation of Hyaluronic acid, which boosts collagen production. Aloe vera has cell-growth stimulating property that help boost collagen production in your skin .Green leafy vegetables have chlorophyll & consuming chlorophyll increases the precursor to collagen in the skin. Animal and plant proteins like Eggs, chicken, fish, beans etc. are rich source of collagen.

2. Collagen supplements - Sometimes diet is not enough then comes supplement nutrition. Supplementing with collagen has been shown to improve skin hydration and elasticity and may help with skin aging. Usually 2 types of collagen supplements available commercially: bovine collagen and marine collagen.

Ulthera: It uses focused ultrasound technology to tighten skin tissue and provides a natural tightening effect with particularly effective results for the contour of the face, eyebrows and neck.

Exillis: It uses radiofrequency energy and ultrasound waves to penetrate deep within the skin. When the heat reaches these deep layers, it prompts the skin cells to build collagen and thicken.

Profhilo: Profhilo injectable anti-ageing treatment made from hyaluronic acid for skin which helps to hydrate the skin from inside, like an internal moisturiser, and stimulates the production of elastin and collagen.

Morpheus8: It uses microneedlling along with radiofrequency and delivers energy to deep tissue, this procedure prompts tissue remodelling that includes thickening and tightening.

Laser treatment: laser beams gently heat and stimulate collagen contraction while at the same time activating a process of new collagen production.

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